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USA – Michigan

The IFRI Administrative Center is housed in the School of Natural Resources and Environment (SNRE) at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan. The IFRI training course is taught at the University of Michigan CRC every other year. Trainees conduct fieldwork at a local site near Ann Arbor, Michigan.

For more information, please contact Cristy Watkins (ifri@umich.edu).

People working with IFRI at the University of Michigan include:

Arun Agrawal, IFRI coordinator (arunagra@umich.edu)

Anil Bhargava, postdoctoral research fellow (anilbhar@umich.edu)

Daniel Brown, IFRI colleague (danbrown@umich.edu)

James Erbaugh, PhD student (jerbaugh@umich.edu)

Elisabeth Gerber, IFRI colleague (ergerber@umich.edu)

Suhyun Jung, postdoctoral research fellow (sjungx@umich.edu)

Wen Liang, database manager (wenliang@umich.edu)

Chuan Liao, postdoctoral research fellow (lchuan@umich.edu)

Laura Vang Rasmussen, postdoctoral research fellow (lrasmuss@umich.edu)

Emily Upton, communications assistant (emiupton@umich.edu)

Cristy Watkins, research manager (watkinsc@umich.edu)

Sarah Wilson, postdoctoral research fellow (sjwil@umich.edu)

Jennifer Zavaleta, PhD student (jenniferczavaleta@gmail.com)

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